Stealth 6

6” powered airmotiv™ studio monitors bi-amplified, 100 + 110 watts/channel

Emotiva Pro

$399.00 /each

A New Reference in Compact Monitors

Now, you can have the power, resolution, and bass response you need, in a compact package that fits in virtually any studio. Create some of the best mixes in your career with the precision, accuracy, and exceptional flexibility of the Emotiva Stealth 6. Featuring our new Minimum Acoustic Signature™ cabinet, precision-milled on a 3- axis CNC machine with a 2” thick front baffle for exceptionally consistent coverage. Delivering response from 39 Hz to 23 kHz +/- 1.75db with nearfield SPL peaks exceeding 115dB, the Stealth 6 is the tool you need for your critical work.


Delivering Exceptional Accuracy

Every Stealth series monitor is the product of Emotiva Pro’s quest for ultimate accuracy. That’s why they’re specified at much higher levels than most monitors. For example, our frequency response is specified to within +/- 1.75dB over the entire bandwidth of the monitor, rather than the more common +/- 3dB. In addition, every Emotiva Pro Stealth monitor is individually measured and calibrated at the factory to within +/- 0.5dB of our reference standard. The result is a monitor you can trust to reveal all the most critical details, for your most intensive work.


Exclusive Transducers with Exceptional Performance

A large part of the Stealth line’s accuracy comes from our airmotiv™ high-frequency and low-frequency drivers. Each of these drivers, designed and used exclusively by Emotiva Pro, offers performance significantly greater than most conventional drivers.

Most high-frequency drivers move air by pushing it. There’s only one problem with that: output is limited by the mechanical properties of the diaphragm. As excursion increases, distortion jumps dramatically. Our airmotiv high-frequency driver moves air by compression—by literally squeezing it in-between the pleats in its folded diaphragm. The result is that smaller excursions are needed for the same output, which dramatically reduces distortion. You’ll hear it in the extreme clarity of the output, and the ability reproduce high-level transients with complete accuracy and minimum overhang.

Our airmotiv low-frequency driver provides the perfect complement to round out bass response. Curv™ woven polypropylene, combined with a rigid die-cast basket, copper-plated pole, and aluminum shorting ring for lower distortion deliver the control and bass extension you need—in the case of the Stealth 6, down to 36 Hz (- 3dB.)


Power for Dynamic Peaks

The best transducers in the world would mean nothing without exceptional power. That’s why every Stealth monitor is bi-amplified—separate power amplifiers for both high- and low-frequency drivers. Bi-amplification allows us to reach SPL levels much higher than single-amp systems for the same amount of power.

The Stealth 6 offers two amplifiers in each monitor—100W for the tweeter, and 110W for the woofer, for total power of 420 watts per pair. This power allows us to delivers 115dB+ nearfield peaks for handling your most dynamic works.


Audiophile-Quality Amplifiers

At the same time, our amps are not simply monsters of power. Each is a true precision reference, with fully discrete design, extensive use of surface-mount parts, precision resistors and film capacitors. The transformer is a custom toroid for exceptional efficiency. Take a look inside the Stealth 6, and you’d swear you’re looking inside a professional power amp.


Precision Crafted Cabinetry

With the exceptional airmotiv™ drivers and audiophile amp sections, we needed a cabinet that would help us reach our goal of ultimate accuracy. This is how we created the Minimum Acoustic Signature™ cabinet, with a front panel CNC-milled from a solid 2” block of MDF, extensively braced, and featuring Three-Phase internal damping. The result is a striking, angular front panel that minimizes diffraction, and a solid, acoustically inert assembly that helps the drivers perform their best.


The Precise Control You Need

In our quest for accuracy, we know that every studio is different. Depending on monitor placement, size, and overall acoustic environment, control over both high and low frequency level may be needed. That’s why we included extensive contouring controls for both low and high frequencies. Low frequency tilt and cut can be adjusted, as well as high frequency tilt, over 5 discrete levels to achieve the perfect match with your environment.



Airmotiv 6 Owner's Manual (PDF)


  • Frequency Response
  • 39 Hz to 23 kHz + / -1.75 dB
  • 36 Hz to 32 kHz +0 / -6 dB
  • Stealth 6 Plot Graphs (PDF)
  • Input Connectors
  • One balanced combination connector (accepts a balanced XLR, balanced 1/4", or unbalanced 1/4" connector)
  • Bass Alignment
  • Low-diffraction rear-oriented slot-loaded port
  • Power Source
  • 120 VAC 50/60 Hz +/- 10% or
    230 VAC 50/60 Hz +/- 10%
  • IEC standard removable power cord
  • Size (each)
  • 13" high x 10" wide x 11.5" deep (330.2mm x 254mm x 292.1mm)
  • Weight (net):
  • 26.1 pounds (11.8 kg)
  • Driver Complement
  • One 60 x 32 mm airmotiv™ high-frequency transducer
  • One 165 mm (6.5 inch) airmotiv™ low-frequency transducer
  • Amplification
  • High-frequency amplifier:
    100 watts RMS
  • Low-frequency amplifier:
    110 watts RMS
  • Adjustments and Calibrations
  • Gain adjustment:
    nominal +/- 6 dB
  • Bass Tilt adjustment:
    -2 dB, -4 dB, -6 dB at 40 Hz (starting at 1250 Hz), or fully disable low-frequency driver
  • Bass Roll Off adjustment:
    -2 dB, -4 dB, -6 dB, or -8 dB at 40 Hz (starting at 250 Hz)
  • Treble Tilt adjustment:
    +1 dB, -1 dB, -2 dB (above 3 kHz), or fully disable high- frequency driver
  • Maximum Acoustic Output (pair, short term)
  • 109 dB SPL (sine wave, @ 1 meter, on axis, radiating into half space)
  • 115 dB SPL (sine wave, @ 0.5 meter, on axis, radiating into half space)
  • Recommended Uses:
  • As a monitor in a professional studio or high-end home studio
  • Directly with a DAC or preamp in a mid-sized audiophile system
  • As a main speaker (with a sub-woofer) in a high-end audiophile system
  • As a main speaker for a small high-end surround sound system
  • As a main or surround speaker in an audiophile home-theater system